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Our Services

Industrial Inorganic Chemicals

Typically the phase in which pilot projects begin, these are our broadest range of chemicals, applying to many industrial, military and customer specified applications. These technical grades of material represent our ability to supply most any product for any type of application.

Reagent Grade Chemicals

Reagent grade chemicals have been purified and recrystallized to engineer out contaminants, and create a cleaner, more pure product. This not only allows Barium & Chemicals, Inc. to provide high quality products to customers and accommodate their individual specifications, but also meet all ACS (American Chemical Society) requirements.


Custom Milling & Screening

Particle size, mesh sizes and sieving requirements are a big part of the business of Barium & Chemicals, Inc. We will work with you to find the best possible particle size, density or granulation specification for your unique needs. Our quality lab can perform measurements for a variety of aspects including Average Particle Diameter, particle size distribution, density and mesh screening specifications.

Custom Packaging

Barium & Chemicals, Inc. will package all materials to meet your batch requirements, working hard to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals and assure your processes are ergometrically sound and safe for your staff. We also provide repackaging and re-palletizing of materials to meet your storage needs, and offer packing options that allow for custom color-coded drums, keeping inventory organized and separated. Please contact us to set up your delivery schedule and ensure a smooth flow of inventory for your processes.


Located along the Ohio River in Southeast Ohio, Barium & Chemicals, Inc. is one of the only competitively priced and centrally located chemical warehouse locations in the region. With access to water, rail and over the road transportation options, and boasting 180,000 square feet of facility space, we can house your material safely and manage your releases. We are one of the few warehouse operations that can accept, store and manage Haz-Mat material, and our OSHA, HAZMAT, DOT, IATA, and EPA-trained staff make us the best choice to be your centrally located distribution hub in the Midwest.

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