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Quality Assurance

Custom Manufacturing

When a company requires a unique product due to a lack of commercially available material needed for a special application, Barium & Chemicals can accommodate that. We help our customers through every step of the development process with technical assistance and consulting services, and are eventually able to scale up production once a product has been perfected according to a customer’s needs.  

Quality Assurance

All material produced at Barium & Chemicals is subject to strict quality control. We adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System International Standard, and those practices are certified and accredited through URS America. We follow these high standards because we are dedicated to the quality of our products and services, and strive to deliver our customers products of the highest caliber.

The available analytical techniques performed in-house include: 

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES)

  • BET Surface Area

  • Wet Chemical methods

  • Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution

  • Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer

  • W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap sieve analysis


Process Controls, Protocols & Procedures

Our laboratory is held to the following standards and audited against these same procedures. Copies of these standards are available to customers upon request.


  • QMP-001.3 Quality Planning

  • QMP-002.3 Documentation

  • QMP-003.4 Control of Documents

  • QMP-004.5 Control of Quality Records

  • QMP-006.3 Competency, Awareness, and Training

  • QMP-018.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices

  • QMP-021.4 Monitoring and Measurement of Process

  • QMP-022.3 Monitoring and Measurement of Product

  • QMP-023.5 Control of Non-Conforming Product

  • QMP-024.3 Analysis of Data


Barium & Chemicals features a state of the art industrial laboratory to best serve its customers’ needs. Our highly trained analysts not only maintain a clean, safe environment, but also adhere to specific precautions designed to avoid contamination and provide accurate test results. All material is inspected upon entry to the lab for quality analysis, providing immediate feedback to the production team regarding its overall visual quality.

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